Valentine's Day Gifts for Outdoor Guys

By Sofia Dias

16 of January 2022


Valentine's Day Gifts for Outdoor Guys

By Sofia Dias

16 of January 2022

The thrill of planning another adventure, the memory of the rushing of the wind between the branches and the sound of the water cascading down another creek. These are some of the things that make us love being outdoors so much, and enjoy sharing those moments with our loved ones and friends.

Being outdoors is one of the most rewarding things to do together, either going on a day hike to escape the craziness of the city, or planning a getaway just for two in the mountains for quality time with your other half. And whichever is your plan, having the right gear is both important and an opportunity to show off your camping and hiking skills.

So we’ve put together a gift guide full of ideas on what to offer the Outdoors’ Guy.  Here you’ll find practical items they’ll love like camping knifes and flashlights, apparel to keep him comfortable and warm, and barbeque recipes for the camp Chef to show off his cooking skills!

Have fun discovering all the ideas.


1. REI Co-op Recycled Duffel Bag

Perfect to take along on a camping trip, this duffel bag makes packing for longer trips easier — it holds plenty of gear, and you can carry it as a duffle or as a backpack. 

It’s made of recycled material, and if you have more things than him you can always use that as an excuse to use the bag for yourself! 

2. YETI Rambler Mug


For a warm steaming coffee in the morning sitting by the lake and planning the next hike. 

A nice mug like this will make cold mornings and evenings by the campfire more memorable, without having the worry of it getting cold of spilling it. 

3. Customizable Camping Knife


A personalized gift is a great idea. And a camping knife is one of those tools that one just has to have for the outdoors.

Inscribe it with his name, a special date or a special occasion for a gift that will always memories of a good time. 

4. Distressed Cap TTRG

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Staying protected from the sun is a must and a cap is always a great item to have and take along on that next hiking trip. 

This one has a distressed look and a great color that one show the smudges of the trip as much. 

5. Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons - Men's

After a long day hiking, treating your sore feet to soft comfy shoes is just wonderful!

These  camp booties are light to carry and have a finish that helps repel splashes and stains. They’re also mostly made out off recycled material. 

It’s a nice gift to stay warm around the camp. 


6. Hoodie with Camouflage logo

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Another camping staple, a nice warm hoodie is perfect to take along on the next trip.

You can easily layer it up with any t-shirt and tie it around the waist if it starts getting hot. 

Very comfortable, it’ll keep him warm on his next trip.

7. REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair

Sitting on the ground or on a wet tree trunk is not that much fun.

Super light, this will be a very appreciated gift that can easily be carried with, and get the luxury of sitting high and dry, out of the reach of poking pine needles.

8. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern

For a big of reading at night or just for general light, far off the grid this compact solar lantern will give you light for up to 24 hrs.

And because is so light and small, it’s perfect for hiking trips. 

9. Coast XP9R Professional Series Flashlight


Another essential gear for camping and the outdoors.

This flashlight is small and easy to pack but still gives very good light with 1000 lumens. And it’s also rechargeable.

10. Nocs Provisions Waterproof Binoculars


Perfect for those who enjoy bird watching or to help make sure that you’re on the right path, these binoculars are a great companion to take along with you. 

They’re also water proof, lightweight and compact for easy packing.

11. GoPro Hero7 Black


Making memories is one of the best things about the outdoors and a GoPro camera is great to take along on adventures. 

Either riding an mountain bike or recording a waterfall you found on your latest hiking trip, this will be a very appreciated gift. 

12. Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter System

For the more seriously prepared camper and hiker, if you get stuck with no water this water filter delivers 4 liters of potable water in just 2.5 minutes without requiring a single pump stroke. 

It’s great if you’re going on long hikes, deep into the country. 

13. Thermal Water Bottle


For a smoking hot coffee at a mountain top in winter or a refreshing drink of water after a challenging hike. 

This reusable stainless steel water bottle will keep the temperature of your beverage cold of hot for about 6h so that you can enjoy it better. 

14. Geyser Systems Portable Shower with Heater

This might be a gift in disguise for a lady, but there’s nothing better that a relaxing warm shower after a long hike. 

This is a portable shower and cleaning system with built-in heating that you can use with less than 1 gallon of water.


15. WEYLAND Fire Starter Kit


Perfect for the survival kit, this Waterproof Emergency Survival Fire Starting Kit, is perfect to start a campfire easily.

It comes with several elements such as Magnesium Flint Fire Starter Ferro Rod, Fire Starter Rope Tinder Re-useable Match, Fat Rope Stick, Fatwood Sticks all packed in a neat, water resistant, MOLLE bag.

16. Adler German Axes Rheinland Hatchet

This is a bit of a different gift, but for those who maybe own a mountain cottage this is an all-purpose tool perfect for the wilderness. 

With an ergonomic grip, the durable the Adler hatchet will be an expected gift but appreciated to will help manage tasks close to home.

17. Playing with Fire


This one is for the camp Chef!

This cookbook has over 70 recipes focused on barbecue and live fire grilling by celebrated Iron Chef and restaurateur Michael Symon inspired by his newest restaurant, Mabel’s BBQ, in his hometown of Cleveland.

You can start dreaming of the smell of campfire grilled steaks with roasted potatoes Mmmmm. 

18. Slipstream Subscription

We all love to be inspired and see new adventures and Slipstream has a great collection of on demand documentaries on all things Outdoors.

It’s a low monthly subscription full of interesting movies and ideas of new places to go and things to do. 

19. Travel Journal

And for those who love writing and journaling, this is a beautiful journal to take along wherever adventure takes you.

Perfect to describe the trek of the day with notes on plants observed, miles walked and any other important detail. 

And you can personalize it to make a special gift, just from you. 

20. TTRG Gift Card

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And if you’re not sure what to choose, then get a digital Gift Card from us and let your loved one choose a gift of their choice. 

We’ve got it covered with warm hoodies and caps, reusable water bottles and others.

And here you have it.

20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Outdoor Guys in your life that are sure to bring a smile to his face. 


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