how to style your camo sweater

How to style your Camo Look

By Sofia Dias

10 of June 2021

how to style your camo sweater

How to style your Camo Look

By Sofia Dias

10 of June 2021

Imagine a mix of elegance with a pinch of a rebellious look. 

This is what camo is all about and one of the reasons why it has become a staple pattern in our closets.

Below we will explore a few ideas on this popular print and see how we can use it in our own wardrobe and make it our own.


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A timeless look, this military-inspired print has been evolving for a few years and it’s now more current than ever. 

Wear it as the main statement piece of your outfit or more discreetly as an accessory and it will immediately bring to your look both an edge and individuality.

Camouflage is associated with the military, so when you wear it straightaway it adds a touch of a tough feel to your outfit.

A leather skirt is feminine and edgy in appearance, but if you add to it an oversized camouflage jacket you will bring to your outfit a slightly masculine and rough feel.

How to style your camo jacket 3

Camo leggings and slim fit pants are also a great choice. They are practical and comfortable and you can easily transform the outfit from comfortable to sexy by pairing them with a pair of black or olive green heels for the office. A favourite!

Opposites Attract

Match opposite textures by wearing a pair of Camo pants with a soft and plain Cashmere sweater, or just tone it down with a classic look of jeans and a black t-shirt.

Camo works so well because it hits the balance between sporty with a dash of unusual. And its classic shades really are neutral tones that make it so easy to match. You can wear it on a tank top for an outdoors weekend, and then that same top can be used during the week with a plain shirt over it for a casual office look.

Another close cousin of the camo print are the combat boots. Worn for style over function, in the last few years these boots have infiltrated our wardrobes and they are here to stay. Wear them with a pair of loose pants or contrast its roughness with a flowy summer dress. For a more sporty look, wear them with black leggings or fitted jeans with a t-shirt and a camo jacket. Street style at its finest!

And then, finally, another military inspired favourite is the color olive green. 

The options we have with this color are truly endless. Cute rompers, cargo pants, leggings and long coats are just a few items you may want to explore. This shade is flattering on all skin tones and is super easy to match, so definitely give it a try

Color Wheel

In terms of color matching, it’s really easy to match camo as it works as a neutral. That said, I think there are some combinations that look amazing.

An example is the classic camo and black. Two neutrals, super easy to match and with which you can create both an elegant and a sporty look.

And even nicer is the matte texture of camo against a glossy black, like on these Nike sneakers further below in the post. Gorgeous!

Another color you wouldn’t expect is burgundy! It looks beautiful, and paired with some heels you can really create an elegant look with a bit of an edge. Have a look further below for another example.

And here you have a few ideas i have put together for you; 

Let them inspire you on how to create your next camo look.

So go ahead and try a few looks until you find the one that works just right for you. Be confident to wear what you like and have fun putting a twist to your outfit!

Keeping it Casual

How to style your camo jacket 2

Give a relaxed approach to your look by wearing a pair of plain shorts with a fitted dark tee and neutral-hued sneakers. Then throw in a twist to the outfit with a camo jacket.

For a more polished finish, swop the shorts by a pair of fitted black pants, add a crisp, tailored camo blazer and a nice pair of heels to give it a touch of sexy. Nice!

A Tough Look

how to style your cargo camo pants 5

Match a pair of cargo pants with a black top and combat boots and you’ve got yourself a simple and quick tough look.

Then just add the accessories that make you feel like girls run the world!

how to style your camo 4

Glam up a bit the Tough Girl look by replacing the boots with a pair of heels and a fitted black top for a sexier take on it. 

Casual Day at the Office

how to style your camo pants 3

I love the simplicity and elegance of this outfit. Full of neutral tones, you can easily match a burgundy sweater with a pair of camo fitted jeans and nude pumps for an unexpected elegant and easy look. Accessorize with a gold rose watch and earrings to match the pumps.

It’s perfect for a casual day at the office or for a casual meeting with clients. You’ll make a great first impression!

Layers of Jackets

How to style your camo jacket

Camo patterned jackets are a great staple piece in your wardrobe. Wear one to quickly and easily add a touch of character to your outfit. Contrast the rough look of the camo with a slim fit pair of pants for elegance plus heels for a pinch of sexy, accessorize with an elegant hand bag, classic dark sunglasses and pearl earrings.  

Shall we change it up a bit?

how to style your camo pants 2

If the classic camo print feels a little too tough for you then try a different shade of the pattern. Here at TTRG we love the understated light grey take on this classic print. 

Sleek track pants or slim trousers with a plain jersey create a more light-hearted version of this  look while maintaining an understated rebelliousness. 

And it looks great together!

Or you can wear it in capri leggings with a baggy top, or comfy joggers with combat boots for a casual stroll to town. Have a look at our Pebbles Joggers in the above links.

Another version of the camo print you can try is a dark blue shade for a more subdued look. Our Midnight Blue joggers are a really nice take on it. 

A Sporty twist

how to style your camo pants

Weekends are all about comfort and casual so why not wear your camo pants with a comfy sweatshirt and graphic tee? Then finish off your look with a nice pair of sneakers and add a scarf and beanie if the weather is a bit more chilly.

how to style your camo t-shirt

Keep it simple and match a camo t-shirt with dark jeans and sneakers for a relaxed look.

At the Gym

TTRG Sports bra, fitness, camo, camouflage, boxing

And what about the gym?  It’s the perfect place to reflect your tough side through your outfit, especially if you’re into weight lifting and boxing. 

Mix a camo sports bra with plain black capri or biker shorts for a quick look. 

The Outdoors


It’s the perfect piece for your outdoors trips. Bring it back to where the pattern originated.

The earthly colors won’t show the smudges from the treks as much, and you can choose to wear it as a hoodie for the chilly mornings and evenings, and layer it up with a sports bra or tank top for when it gets hot during the day.   


how to style your camo shoes 2

If you prefer a more discreet amount of camo on your look experiment with accessorizing. You can wear it in a more glamorous way with a nice pair of heels, a casual look like these gorgeous wedges by Lily Pink (that you can find here) or go for a more sportier look with one of these awesome Nike Airmax that you can get from Stockx (all available at the time this post was written double check link).

how to style your camo nike 2

And, finally, complete your look with an unassuming bucket hat like the one below, perfect for a relaxed day at the beach or an outdoors trip.  

And Don’t Forget your Pet!

And to make sure that you don’t leave behind Man’s best friend you can get your pet some of the super cute camo accessories available like the one above. You can find the cutest pup camouflage coat at Funny Fur.

And here you have it.

Whether you’re just taking a stroll through town, having a casual meeting or hitting the gym, Camo is a really easy way to bring an unexpected twist to your look.

Hope you enjoyed these suggestions and found some ideas that you can take for yourself and create your new camo look!

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